Can Anxiety Be Good For You?

Heart racing, shortness of breath, mind racing, feeling overwhelmed… sound familiar? These are common symptoms of anxiety. So many people suffer from this “inevitable” diagnosis. I say “inevitable” because I believe everyone at some point experiences anxiety and there are pros and cons of anxiety aka: healthy vs. unhealthy symptoms.


1) Task completion: If you have a project or deadline to meet one’s anxiety can assist you to get it done.

2) Motivation: Whether it’s a weight loss goal or job promotion.

1) Blocking: Anxiety can lead to tunnel vision and unhealthy thinking patterns.

2) Daily functioning: If you experience anxiety more days than not, you may have trouble completing everyday tasks.

So to answer the question… YES! Anxiety can be good for you. It can motivate you to complete goals. However, it IS a problem when obsessions intrude on your daily functioning. Anxiety is one of the most common diagnoses yet so many people continue to struggle with this burden thinking “it’s just how I am… I’m a worry wort… I can’t help it.” I’m here to tell you that you CAN live a more peaceful life. Working with a therapist using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is proven to be the most effective treatment for anxiety and depression.

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