downloadWhen you think a loved one has an addiction we tend to be in denial. Saying things like “it’s just a phase… he just had a rough day and needed to let loose…she’s just tired, that’s why she’s nodding out.” Sure, all of these might be true but if the behavior continues I can grantee the consequences will get worse.

Most substance abuse users are confronted at some point, either at work or at home. However, it may take years before the addiction becomes apparent to the addict themselves. Why?

Well, it boils down to the title of this blog, “Secrets Keep You Sick.” Most family members can recall a time when the addict had an “episode.” However, these episodes far exceed the times when family members seek therapy and interventions to actually help the addict or themselves. The addict’s behavior becomes the family’s dirty little secret. It’s almost taboo to talk about it, yet each family member is suffering silently. It’s confusing, depressing, misunderstood, and

I understand that it is very difficult to confront someone with a possible addiction. The fear of how the person may react can be daunting. However, avoiding the person can lead to continued distress and worry. Speak up and seek help! Remember addiction is a family disease, one person may use but all suffer.  Written by ,  Amanda Mattick MA | RMHCI | CAP



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