As you walk through the grocery store or pharmacy there are medications for everything from headache relief to foot fungus. There’s medication that differentiates between morning to night symptoms. Do you buy generic or brand name? Aren’t they the same? Your guess is as good as mine.

I really do respect the drugs on the shelves for what they are. Just as I respect the drug, I also respect the therapy that needs to go along with medication (after all I am a therapist).


For example, you go to your primary care physician and were diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. They send you home with medication and suggestions about diet and exercise management. So along with the medication there is a regiment that the doctor suggests you follow, “diet and exercise.” Yet, how many people eat the cheeseburger then take the Metformin (diabetes medication)? You cannot control the diabetes for long relying solely on medication.
As with most medical diagnoses our chances of a healthier lifestyle come from both medication AND lifestyle changes. Society and media continue to promote a quick fix. So in order to have lasting and better results please adhere to the other half of the doctors orders (better known as the dreaded “diet and exercise”). The same goes for addiction to drugs and alcohol, a lifestyle change needs to happen for lasting results. You cannot solely rely on a medication to cure your issues.


If you’re tired of quick fixes letting you down, struggle with continued relapsing, or need a complete lifestyle make over, call me today. Nothing changes if nothing changes!

Written By: Amanda Mattick, MA, LMHC, CAP           Phone: 321-593-0759         Website:


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