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Has a relative or close friend worried or complained about your drinking/drug use?


Do you ever feel guilty about your drinking/drug use?


Do you spend hours a day getting drugs, using the drug, then recovering from the drug?


Do you find yourself drinking more or using more drugs to get the same effect?

These questions can help determine the severity of one's alcohol/drug use. Addiction is a progressive disease meaning it will only get worse if it's not treated.


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I understand that addiction can have an effect on every part of your life; financial, employment, legal, relationships, and health.

In therapy we will explore underlying causes for substance abuse. As well as help family members set clear boundaries and learn about treatment options. I use a holistic approach with treatment discussing diet, exercise, etc. in order for best results.

It is vital to seek professional support and intervention when trying to help a loved one. I offer consultation services, family therapy, individual therapy,and couples therapy. Now is the time to reach out and get help. What are you waiting for?! Let us begin to heal the pain.

Hi, I'm Amanda Mattick. Helping people heal from trauma and recover from addictions is at the heart of my work.

I offer consultation services, family therapy, individual therapy,and couples therapy. Now is the time to reach out and get help. What are you waiting for?! Let us begin to heal the pain. 

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