children of divorce

Divorce Recovery for Famlies

Has a divorce or separation left you and your family struggling with routine and responsibilities, home balance, trusting relationships with extended family and friends?

Is your situation high conflict, leaving you feeling angry, frazzled, and defensive?

Are you feeling heart-broken, confused, uncertain, and perhaps even questioning your own identity?

Do your children express anger, guilt, sadness, and anxiety?

Do you doubt your ability to choose a partner in the future that will treat you with love, kindness, and respect?

Do you feel fearful and uncertain about you financial stability, future relationship status, and long term happiness for you and your children?

Are your children struggling with painful emotions such as anger, guilt, confusion sadness, or shame?

Therapy can help.

We can help you navigate these times of adjustment, heal from the heartache that can occur?

Counseling in Brevard specializes in helping families through the adjustment of divorce and separation in a healthy way.

For adult individual therapy, we provide gentle and experienced support to heal your hurting heart, to help you grow beyond the same relationship issues, and to move forward in life and love.

For parents, we offer strategies and clarity regarding their children in terms of nurturing emotional health, awareness of helpful actions during the time of transitions, and strong educational support regarding what to expect and how to handle certain situations. We also help parents with some of the tough questions that children sometimes ask.  Additionally, we help parents to lessen the hostility and conflict to which children are exposed. We also discuss some possible psychological reactions from the child to their parents’ divorce. Knowledge is so vital.

For children and adolescents, we provide specialized support that directly addresses specific issues that are problematic in their life due to the adjustment of the divorce. We work directly with children and teens to resolve their distress and irrational thoughts through therapy and improve their coping skills. Divorce can be an emotionally traumatic experience that challenges children’s feelings of stability, security and emotional safety.