Female hands holding broken heart stitched with staples isolated

Grief Counseling in Brevard

Are you feeling sadness and emptiness from the death of a loved one?

Experienced a loss of a significant friendship in your life?

Do you feel emotionally stuck and unable to move past the pain and feel happy again?

Have you experienced a recent divorce or relationship breakup, left feeling confused, angry, and heartbroken?

Have you or your child experienced the loss of health, job or financial stability?

Feel broken-hearted over a miscarriage leaving you feeling numbness, disbelief, anger, guilt, sadness, depression, and difficulty focusing?

Lived through a trauma in your life, leaving you feeling a loss of safety, trust, self-worth, or such?

Therapy can help you grieve in a healthy way in an emotionally safe and supported setting so that you can feel the joy and peace again.