Child Parent Relationship Therapy

Admittedly, Child Parent Relationship Therapy is one of my favorite therapies of all-time. I typically see huge gains when parents learn new strategies, get on the same page, and truly connect with their children. It’s awe-inspiring to see kiddos release their need for a power struggle and parents can see the things that they love in their children again.

Child Parent Relationship Therapy is practical, fun, and highly beneficial for families desiring to strengthen familial bonds with their children.

While the techniques and strategies used in this workshop is beneficial for all families, children with emotional dis-regulation and relational issues tend to respond exceptionally well to the strong parental bond that is created.

Specifically, Child Parent Relationship Therapy is especially helpful for situations such as below:

  • Healthy Adjustment to Family Changes Such as Divorce and Separation
  • Strengthening Relationships in Blended Families
  • Anxiety Relief
  • Attachment Strengthening
  • Adoption Adjustment
  • Freedom from Perpetual Power Struggles
  • Family Reunification
  • Trauma Healing

Sometimes parent couples attend this program together, while others may choose to have one parent stay with the child(ren). Please know that sometimes other significant people sometimes join the parent in sessions such as grandparents, caregivers, etc…

Quite simply, Child Parent Relationship Therapy can help families grow towards each other while fostering feelings of self worth, self respect, and confidence to tackle difficult situations in life for you and your children.

Jackie Flynn EdS | LMHC | RPT , Registered Play Therapist