Depression Counseling in Brevard

Do you or your child feel hopeless and helpless?

Engage in self-harming behaviors such as “cutting” or other means of hurting yourself?

Notice a loss of interest in friends, activities, and things previously enjoyed?

Feel exhausted most of the time?

Notice changes in sleep patterns and appetite? Have trouble concentrating or finding that previously simple tasks are now difficult for you?

Have negative thoughts that are overwhelming and determining the course of your day?

Feel more irritable, short-tempered, or aggressive than usual?

Therapy can help.   Counseling in Brevard offers therapy that is effective at helping people overcome depression.  Therapy that skillfully gets to the core of the issue and can help you feel relief right away.  Feelings of emptiness and  hopelessness can be left behind to move towards a life with more ENJOYMENT, HOPE, and ENERGY.