Couples Counseling

Helping Couples Learn How to Manage Conflict, Improve Their Communication, Move Past Painful Experiences of Betrayal, and Feel the Passion, Love, and Excitement in their Relationship again.

with Jackie Flynn EdS | LMHC | RPT

Advanced Training and Experience, Level 3 Gottman Method Couple Therapy


Living in an unhappy Marriage?

Do arguments leave you feeling unheard, hurt & angry?

Are you ready to enjoy your partner again?

Learn How to Argue in a Healthier Way

Do your arguments heat up really quickly? Leaving you feeling unheard, hurt and angry?  It’s not “if” you argue, it’s “how” you argue that determines the strength and longevity of your relationship.  Gather tools to learn how to argue in a new, healthier way.

Repair Ruptures in Your Relationship

Do you feel betrayed by your partner, struggling with trust? Repair strained or broken spots in your relationship.  To prevent falling back into the same rut, we work carefully together to developing a solid plan based on research to help prevent a recurrence of the same issues again.

Rebuild Friendship and Affection Together

Do you feel like a roommate with your partner, just “going through the motions” of life, wondering what happened to the person you married?  Feel the playfulness and friendship that is a part of a healthy relationship again. Imagine enjoying your partner again – laughing together, feeling excited to spend time together, feeling love & feeling loved.

Move Forward with a Future Worthy of Your Dreams

Feel the passion, intimacy, and connection that ignites your desire to move forward with your partner with a life of your dreams full of love and deep connection your relationship.

I specialize in helping couples' issues surrounding communication & conflict, feelings of disconnection, step/blended families, problematic previous relationships, extramarital affairs, parenting struggles,& emotional issues such as anxiety& depression. As a child & a trauma therapist as well, I'll support your family in a skilled,holistic way for long-lasting change. ~ Jackie Flynn EdS | LMHC | RPT

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Long - Lasting Change

In our therapeutic work together we focus on rebuilding your friendship and affection for each other.   We work to help you work through problems in a healthier way.  Through Gottman Method Couples Therapy, we help couples repair relationship ruptures, as well as develop a sense of shared meaning in their lives together. We help you work on the relationship outside of our office through homework such as exercises and games, which are helpful tools to get your relationship back on track as quickly as possible …and to help it stay there.