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Amanda Mattick MA |LMHC|CAP

Certified Addiction Professional & Licensed Mental Health Counselor

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Specializing in helping people heal from Anxiety and Depression, as well as break free from the grips of Addiction is the core of my work.

Are you up at night, losing sleep from racing thoughts?

Feeling weighted down by life and stress?

Life isn’t meant to be a struggle, filled with perpetual suffering and heartache.

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got.” Henry Ford

ADDICTION, ANXIETY or DEPRESSION are my areas of specialty.  My years of experience, training, and passion in these areas have equipped me with the necessary skills to truly help people move on from the struggle of feeling emotionally stuck and overwhelmed, to reclaim their quality of life.

Difficult life experiences and trauma inevitably lead to a lot of pain and suffering. I would love to help you live more fully by healing and moving past what you are facing right now through a healing, therapeutic experience with me. This would not only benefit you as an individual, but it can ultimately help you enjoy healthier relationships with others in your life.

How I Can Help You



I use Cognitive Behavior Therapy & Solution Focused Therapy to minimize symptoms of depression and anxiety as quickly as possible. This approach has helped many people heal and to get their lives back on track with more peace, joy, and fulfilling relationships.

Helping people identify and reframe unhealthy thinking patterns, as well as learn effective coping skills is an essential part of the healing process that leads to a better quality of life, less stress and more happiness.

I offer individual therapy, family therapy, stress management, mindfulness, mood stabilization, boundary setting, relapse prevention and self-esteem building.

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