Play Therapy

Little Girl Is Playing With Her Teddy BearPlay Therapy is at the core of my therapeutic approach.  Since children use play as their main method of communication, it is an effective method of therapy that has been proven to reduce and/or resolve a variety of problems. Our Registered Play Therapists are also trained in EMDR Therapy, which enables us to treat more complex situations, often involving trauma, successfully.  We also have specialized training in adoption, to allow us to support the needs of adoptive families in need.

The Play Therapy room is stocked with therapeutic toys to allow for curative expression and movement towards healing and growth.  It is designed for children between the ages of 3-9 years old, while the Art Therapy Studio is designed for ages 6+.

Depending on the circumstances, I may choose to deliver Child-Centered Play Therapy, Adlerian Play Therapy, or Prescriptive Play Therapy.  I work closely with parents to develop an effective treatment plan that works towards a happier and healthier life.

To strengthen your understanding of this research and evidence based approach, feel free to enjoy this video from the Association of Play Therapy that so wonderfully illustrates the concept of Play Therapy.

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